Dream 03-12-14 Too Much

Too Much

dreamSeveral things are happening at once. I have to take my dog in for a license, and I need to get to a class to see the prof and let him know why I haven’t been to class, so I can still get credit for it. Attendance is not necessary, but I have to let him know why and get him to sign a paper. I am thinking he will be able to tell I’ve been sick and unable to attend.

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Dream 10-18-11 Taken


dreamWe are being taken away. I am a young woman – actually the age tends to vary, but mostly young, in my 20s. I have a male friend (boyfriend?) and he has his things in another place, so we hug and say goodbye, each hoping to see the other again, but we have no time for long goodbyes, we have to each do what we can to get on the ship in time. I watch him leave, a certain pang in my heart, hoping he makes it.

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Dream 10-12-11 Lost Keys

Lost Keys

dreamI am at my home (not here) and my cleaning lady, Fatima, comes to me and tells me she needs to go somewhere and I must come with her to help find something. (Cleaning supplies? Not clear) For some reason she grabs the keys to my old car, one I was thinking of getting rid of, and we drive off. She goes to an area I am unfamiliar with. As I am looking around, she turns into a large courtyard/alley and suddenly the car stops. I look over at her, and she is gone, vanished.

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