Dream 03-12-14 Too Much

Too Much

dreamSeveral things are happening at once. I have to take my dog in for a license, and I need to get to a class to see the prof and let him know why I haven’t been to class, so I can still get credit for it. Attendance is not necessary, but I have to let him know why and get him to sign a paper. I am thinking he will be able to tell I’ve been sick and unable to attend.

I get the dog in the car, and start to drive down the street. It is a street of row houses, (condos?) all looking the same, and I live in one of them. As I near the end of the street, the land lady waves me over. I park the car and get out. She tells me she is doing some kind of inspection and needs to be able to get into my house, so I need to be there, as she only has a couple more before she gets to mine. Apparently it’s very important, can’t be put off.


I go back to my car, wondering what to do. Everything is time sensitive, and it’s all for the same time period. I need to see the prof before class ends, I need to get the dog in by a certain time, and now the home inspection. I don’t know what to do.

I leave the dog in the car and walk back toward my home, thinking I will figure out a way for the landlady to have access. I go up to the entry and try my key, but it doesn’t unlock the door. I realize I have gone to the wrong house.

I step back to the street, looking at all the houses. They all look alike, nothing to tell mine from the others. I try to remember how far along the street it is, which one, counting from the end, but I have no idea. I do remember a kind of pond in the neighbor’s yard, but I don’t see it now.

I am thinking that perhaps if I go back to my car, turn it around, and drive up the street, I will automatically know which drive to turn into and find my house that way.

As I am about to turn back toward the car, I notice some building going on down the street, and wonder if new apartments are going to be put in. Next, I see huge cranes carrying small houses, maybe two floors all, but very small in surface, and the cranes are putting these houses on the ground one by one. A few bigger houses are mixed in, more like apartment buildings. They are being set down on the ground from above, fully built. I am thinking it is going to make the neighborhood crowded, but at least my home isn’t right next to them.

In noticing this, I realize all the building is going on next to the house with the pond, and now know which house is mine.


University again, classes being missed, this time for health reasons. And more about my home. I really don’t know what is going on in this dream. The overall feeling was of being pulled in different directions, and again, finding excuses for the classes. -frustration at not being able to find my home.

I have had a total lack of creativity lately, have been doing nothing except watching streaming tv online. Some stirrings of wanting to do artwork on the pc, but the programs have changed and it means I need to learn to use them. I just don’t seem to have the energy lately. I turn on my PC, look around, and then just turn it off again and go back to my laptop to watch more streaming.

All those houses being planted somewhat haphazardly in the neighborhood, maybe my thoughts feeling jumbled? Unable to find home, unable to find my center, my focus?


Setting: row houses, neighborhood, outside

People:  landlady (dog, pet)

Props:   car

Actions:  driving, stopping, talking, searching

Snippets of thought:  can’t find my home, more missed classes, more “excuses”,  too much at once, matchbook houses.


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