Dream 01-21-2018 Nosy Neighbors

Nosy Neighbors

I am new in a neighborhood, and am living in a condominium-style apartment (row of attached homes) with a friend. I have recently made friends with a neighbor, spent the day with her, and plan to have dinner with her later. I find myself somehow attracted to her, and am a bit confused about that, but hope to figure it out as I get to know her. I feel somehow “connected” to her.

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Dreams Long Past


Depending on your age, some of you may remember a song by Jim Croce, called Time in a Bottle. It starts like this: “If I could save time in a bottle.” As tempting as that thought is, my wish would be not to save time, but to save dreams. This is what I have attempted to do in this blog.

But what happens when a person stops remembering their dreams?

No one stops dreaming, we all dream each and every night.Whether we remember those dreams is another matter.

But why do we dream? What purpose do these dreams serve? In most cases they are reflections of something that is happening in our lives at the time of the dream – usually triggered by an event or a thought we’ve had during the past few days. Often those dreams can be pretty obvious, we see the link almost immediately.

Other times our dreams try to help us resolve problems, conflicts, whatever might be causing confusion or stress in our lives at any given time. The bigger the conflict, the more likely we are to remember the dreams of the night before. And as conflict resolution is rarely black and white, these dreams can be highly symbolic, hard to figure out.

Perhaps that’s why I haven’t been remembering dreams – not enough conflict!  I feel quite fortunate that there are few conflicts in my life, few thoughts or ideas that need any kind of resolution. If that means my dreams are less vivid, less memorable, so be it, but good dreams also rise out of peaceful and happy lives, so why am I not remembering them?

I am hoping that, by recording some of my older dreams in here, it will stimulate my mind to be more aware when I wake each morning, more ready to hold on to the last thought from whatever dream I was in, and thus get me back on track, recording them.

To what purpose?  Perhaps just because I find dreams in general to be a fascinating part of our lives, our reality. And I love a good dream, who doesn’t?

But another reason is simply by curiosity, to see if there are patterns to my dreams. Recurring themes. The further I go back, the more these patterns will emerge. An interesting personal study.

I will be posting older dreams, and back-dating them so that they appear in chronological order. And maybe, just maybe, those dreams long past will stimulate something in my brain and I will again remember those night-time stories I love.

Anything is possible. 🙂

Dream 05-06-2014 Movie Night

Movie Night

dreamI am in a movie theater, with a boyfriend. (I’m in my mid 20’s) We are watching the latest blockbuster, a movie I wanted to see, but I would have preferred watching it at home on Bluray, as there are fewer distractions. I do plan to do so, since the movie is one that is thought provoking and I want to absorb it without distraction. For this reason, I am trying not to pay much attention to the movie, as I don’t want to know what happens in any details.

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Dream 03-14-14 Chinese Tale

Chinese Tale


I am visiting in China and our host is telling us of an ancient Chinese tale about a young woman of royalty that was in danger. Her father was a target of an opposing faction, and they were chasing her, trying to find her and kill her as she was the only person living left in that line. We are in the manor house of the castle where this took place, though it’s not like a European castle, definitely Chinese in motif.

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Dream 03-12-14 Too Much

Too Much

dreamSeveral things are happening at once. I have to take my dog in for a license, and I need to get to a class to see the prof and let him know why I haven’t been to class, so I can still get credit for it. Attendance is not necessary, but I have to let him know why and get him to sign a paper. I am thinking he will be able to tell I’ve been sick and unable to attend.

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Fragment 03-11-14 Collapse


icon_moonI am going to a doctor office, not for a visit but to drop something off. I am in the entry lobby, and open a door that leads down a corridor. As I look into the corridor, thinking to move forward, I collapse. I lay there, half in, half out of the corridor, the door still open. I wonder if I have fainted, but realize that no, I have just collapsed. I lay there not moving, thinking of what I need to do next. I know I must look strange laying there on the floor, surely someone will notice and let the doctor know. I am thinking that this isn’t my regular doctor, but he will still know what to do. I wonder when someone will find me.

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Dream 03-06-14 Staying Home

Staying Home

dreamI am running late for school. (University) I also have a doctor’s appointment at 2 pm, so will have to leave school early. But I need an excuse for that, and can’t find anyone to write it. I really only need an excuse for one class, but now that I’m running late, I am considering just staying home all day, even maybe skipping the doc appointment. I am in my car, driving toward the University, and also thinking through driving to town for the doctor appointment, how complicated it would be, time wise, wondering how many classes I might miss, wondering if it matters. I decide to go home. If I need an excuse, it may as well be for both of them.

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Dream 2-22-14 Spy Dots

Spy Dots

dreamI walk into an apartment, my apartment. I am 30-something, with a man, a companion. As we pass through the entryway, a small red flash of color catches my eye. I realize it is a tiny spy camera placed high up on the wall.

I pull my companion into the apartment, into my arms in a hug, and whisper in his ear that there is a spy camera in the entryway, and therefore likely in the rest of the apartment too. It doesn’t occur to me to wonder why, but I need him to know, so he doesn’t say anything that would give us away.

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Dream 01-16-13 Hotel Hospital

Hotel Hospital

dreamI have been driving all day, trying to get to this place. It is a kind of hotel, but at the same time a hospital. It’s up in the mountains and the roads were difficult for me, but finally I have found it, from memory, by instinct? I have reserved a room, but I need more than that, I need the doctors to see me. I know I need help. I can remember being here before, but I can’t remember what they did to help me, I just know I need it again.

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Dream 12-26-12 Apartment on Fire

Apartment on Fire

dreamI am walking in a local village, St-Prex, where I first lived when moving to Switzerland. I notice some construction work going on inside an old building. Apparently they are renovating apartments inside. As I watch, I suddenly remember that I had signed a contract of pre-purchase on one of the apartments. I feel panicky, wondering if it binds me to purchase, and if so, what to do.

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