Dream 02-26-12 Weather


I am with others and we are on the last day of a vacation holiday. We decide to go to the beach. It is a beautiful spot, white clean sands and blue waters in a slightly curving cove. We can see it from a higher perspective, as if looking down on it from high ground. Continue reading

Dream 01-17-12 Guidance Testing

Guidance Testing

I am with a group of people on a test drive of a new boat. It’s a large boat, about the size of a yacht. There are around a dozen of us and we are all comfortably wandering around on the deck without it feeling crowded. At one point I see the boat from a distance. It isn’t like anything I’ve seen before – it is oval in shape, and there is no front or back. I realize this is so it can change direction easily. It is about half as wide as it is long, a strange shape all over, and a dark metallic color – looks almost like something you’d see in a sci-fi movie.

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