Dream 05-06-2014 Movie Night

Movie Night

dreamI am in a movie theater, with a boyfriend. (I’m in my mid 20’s) We are watching the latest blockbuster, a movie I wanted to see, but I would have preferred watching it at home on Bluray, as there are fewer distractions. I do plan to do so, since the movie is one that is thought provoking and I want to absorb it without distraction. For this reason, I am trying not to pay much attention to the movie, as I don’t want to know what happens in any details.

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Fragment 02-09-12 Rooms

Fragment – Rooms

I am going through rooms, bedrooms mostly, checking them out for size and layout. Looking for one for myself, but also thinking of family members, like I’ll see a room and think it might be perfect for my daughter. But mostly looking for me.

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