On Dreams

What’s in a Dream?

Dreams are very personal, and if we look at them carefully, we can learn a lot about ourselves. I don’t believe in Dream Dictionaries. My symbols are whatever they mean to me at the moment. They may even change with time. That is what makes it so fascinating. What I write about a dream immediately after recording it, and what I  see in it a year later, may be completely different. That difference can show something simple, like a change in mood, or it can be a whole new perspective, showing personal growth.

I also find that reading the dreams of others can be an awakening experience. The symbols I see in another’s dream may speak to me personally in ways never intended for the person dreaming.

That is the nature of all symbols. Two children looking at the clouds. One sees a lamb, another sees a wolf. Same cloud, different vision. This concept can be applied to your own dreams, as well as to the dreams of others. Someone dreams about running away from home, and you read that dream. How does that make you feel? What can you learn of yourself from their dream images?

Symbols are everywhere. And they are unique to each of us, reflections of our inner desires and fears. If we are willing to look, they can help us explore our questions and lead us to our own true answers. We don’t need others to tell us who we are, or well meaning friends to make our decisions for us. The decisions are there within us, waiting to be seen.

All we have to do is look with our minds and allow our hearts to see.

Isn’t that what dreams are all about? They are a doorway within, to that inner theater upon which we watch our life played out in symbols. Watch carefully, and listen as your heart tells you the meaning of the symbols. You are the author of each of your dream productions. You are the only one who can find their true meaning. When others interpret a dream for you, they are reading the symbols through their own filter. If they know you well enough, they might be able to guide you to finding your own answers, but ultimately, you are the only one who knows for sure. If you are willing to look, and listen, and open your mind and heart, you will find that what your dreams have to say is what you knew all along within that deep silent space that is the core of you.

Trust yourself. And trust your dreams. For they are one and the same thing.

– Judee –

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