Dream 10-12-11 Lost Keys

Lost Keys

dreamI am at my home (not here) and my cleaning lady, Fatima, comes to me and tells me she needs to go somewhere and I must come with her to help find something. (Cleaning supplies? Not clear) For some reason she grabs the keys to my old car, one I was thinking of getting rid of, and we drive off. She goes to an area I am unfamiliar with. As I am looking around, she turns into a large courtyard/alley and suddenly the car stops. I look over at her, and she is gone, vanished.

car-keysThis wide courtyard is like a junction of alleyways, older buildings surrounding it, some dumpsters around the edges – there are several young men hanging out and staring at me in the car. I look for the key, but it’s gone, and I don’t quite know what to do. I try to evaluate the situation, wondering if the young men are some kind of gang or just kids hanging out in an alleyway.


I watched a TV show last night with a similar scene in it – a bunch of young men, hanging in an area similar to the dream – in the show they were road racers. So that’s where the imagery comes from, but not the why. The old car was white, though somewhat faded. Fatima has been trying to help get my house in order to sell it, extra cleaning here and there, but never offered to drive me anywhere. Not sure what this means.


Setting: home, courtyard, junction, alleyways

People:  Fatima, gang of kids

Props:   keys, car, old building, dumpsters

Actions:  driving, shopping, getting lost

Feelings:  surprise,

Snippets of thought: junction, symbolic to me of crossroads, possibilities



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