Dream 10-12-11 Lost Keys

Lost Keys

dreamI am at my home (not here) and my cleaning lady, Fatima, comes to me and tells me she needs to go somewhere and I must come with her to help find something. (Cleaning supplies? Not clear) For some reason she grabs the keys to my old car, one I was thinking of getting rid of, and we drive off. She goes to an area I am unfamiliar with. As I am looking around, she turns into a large courtyard/alley and suddenly the car stops. I look over at her, and she is gone, vanished.

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Dream 09-21-2011 Packages


dreamI am in a small apartment in some kind of temporary way house. There are at least 2 large rooms, very little furniture, and the place is run down and filthy. Someone is with me, as I comment to them about it. The carpet is ragged, there are even sprouts of something pushing up in the corners. I can’t imagine why the previous tenants didn’t clean it up – it must have been like this for ages, and no one bothered.

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