Dream 03-12-14 Too Much

Too Much

dreamSeveral things are happening at once. I have to take my dog in for a license, and I need to get to a class to see the prof and let him know why I haven’t been to class, so I can still get credit for it. Attendance is not necessary, but I have to let him know why and get him to sign a paper. I am thinking he will be able to tell I’ve been sick and unable to attend.

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Dream 12-26-11 Eden


dreamI am visiting my Mom in Eden, the town she grew up in. It’s different than I remember, a bit more modern, many more accommodations. I’m staying with her while my house is being built in another place, another town. The top floor and the roof are still under construction.

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Dream 06-17-2011 Taking Pictures

Taking Pictures

dreamI have a new camera and am trying it out – taking pictures in a lot of different places. I’m riding in a car, and just stopping here and there to take a snapshot. At some point I realize that with my new camera I can take pictures of my home to put into the journal to sell the house.

I am at home, and want to get a picture from outside the house (row house, or town house, though it’s hardly in a city.) I go out and around the other units to get to the back of the property so I can see the lawns, etc – I first take some pictures from an angle, getting all the units in with mine.

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