Dream 03-12-14 Too Much

Too Much

dreamSeveral things are happening at once. I have to take my dog in for a license, and I need to get to a class to see the prof and let him know why I haven’t been to class, so I can still get credit for it. Attendance is not necessary, but I have to let him know why and get him to sign a paper. I am thinking he will be able to tell I’ve been sick and unable to attend.

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Dream 06-17-2011 Taking Pictures

Taking Pictures

dreamI have a new camera and am trying it out – taking pictures in a lot of different places. I’m riding in a car, and just stopping here and there to take a snapshot. At some point I realize that with my new camera I can take pictures of my home to put into the journal to sell the house.

I am at home, and want to get a picture from outside the house (row house, or town house, though it’s hardly in a city.) I go out and around the other units to get to the back of the property so I can see the lawns, etc – I first take some pictures from an angle, getting all the units in with mine.

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