Dream 10-18-11 Taken


dreamWe are being taken away. I am a young woman – actually the age tends to vary, but mostly young, in my 20s. I have a male friend (boyfriend?) and he has his things in another place, so we hug and say goodbye, each hoping to see the other again, but we have no time for long goodbyes, we have to each do what we can to get on the ship in time. I watch him leave, a certain pang in my heart, hoping he makes it.

boxEveryone is scrabbling around, trying to gather things to take with them – we can only take as much as we can carry. Like others, I have a box that I can manage to carry and am filling it with a few things – first some clothing. Only my favorite things. In particular, this one long dress/robe that is very comfortable, and has a kind of muted patchwork pattern to it. I pick a few other things for comfort mostly.

People are running around grabbing food, fresh fruits mostly – I wonder if I should maybe take some oranges, but they’d be so heavy and take up room. I don’t really have room for food, and besides, I’m sure we’ll be fed. Just not what we’re used to. My attachment is to other things.


I can’t take anything electric or electronic, won’t work. So I grab mementos, small items that are precious to me. All the while I am holding a key in my hand, it’s important I don’t lose it, so I don’t put it in the box where it could get lost. But I hold on to it tightly.


cards-in-airAll of my favorite things are in a big blue trunk, so I look through it, trying to choose. I realize I may want some kind of entertainment, but since nothing electronic works, I find some old games to take on board. One is a backgammon set – worth the weight, I figure. And I grab a deck of cards – that will always be good to have. In fact, I see a bundle of several decks all mixed up and grab them for good measure.

Time is getting short, I must hurry. Those who don’t make the deadline will get left behind, and those left behind will not survive. I think about grabbing money – no point. My meds? (a bit of me interjecting into the story) I grab enough to weed myself off them without having withdrawal. But somehow I know where we are going they will have ways to cure what ails me so I won’t really need them after all.

I manage to get my box filled, and an over the shoulder sack and make my way to the ship. It is bigger than a building – all white with a kind of sheen on it. It’s so big I can’t actually see the whole thing, just the underside and the entrance ramp where people are entering, each with their own precious items.


The ship is, of course, a spaceship. But it’s not frightening, it is saving us – from what I’m not sure, just that there is some kind of global danger that will take place very soon and the ship came to warn us and take on as many people as it could take in within a certain time frame, after which it would be necessary for them to leave because of the coming disaster.

I’ve made it just in time. Shortly after I get in, they close the ramps. There are some windows where I can see a few people running toward the ramp as it closes. The ramp continues to close and they are left outside. falling to the ground in despair. I wonder why “they” couldn’t have left the door open just a moment longer, but then realize no one is watching, it was all on a timer and those who made it in time, made it, those that were late, did not. No exceptions.

I feel sad for the people, but at the same time, relieved that I made it, realizing how close I came to being late. I finally look around me – many people, all with their small gatherings of belongings, are standing in groups, sitting against the wall, all waiting for what’s next. We are in a huge corridor as big as a warehouse. The walls, floors, ceilings are all white, and like the outside of the ship, they have a strange sheen to them.

There is no sense of fear. It all seems perfectly normal, and a bit exciting. I have no regrets leaving the Earth behind. The few “memories” I have gathered are enough for me, and I still have the key.


I wonder if my friend made it on. I don’t see him, but the room is huge, there are hundreds of people. I’m sure we will be shown our quarters soon, and get a chance to find friends, so I sit down against a wall, lean back, and wait.


Not sure who “I” was in this dream – another personage, but my core self nonetheless.


The big blue trunk from which I gathered my mementos is a trunk I had in college and afterwards, stored just that – mementos. My mother had it for a long time, but I have no idea what may have happened to it since she died – might have been lost in the many moves she made. The clothing I chose was also very much in a style of the 70s, almost hippie like, my comfort clothes, that fit my identity. I never actually had that faded patchwork dress, yet in the dream it was so familiar!

The dream setting kept changing – a grocery store where people were scrambling for groceries, my childhood home where I was getting some clothes, and finally just the trunk as focus. I sense an earlier me in the dream. one who questions nothing, just goes with the flow. And I feel secure in the dream, at home in those strange white walls. It “feels” right somehow.


Setting: Earth

People: not-me 20s, boyfriend, generic crowd

Props: box, long dress, fruit, mementos, games, backgammon, deck of cards, key, blue trunk, meds, spaceship

Actions: packing, preparing, gathering mementos, going away, being rescued

Feelings: hurry, anticipation, worry, relief, sadness for those left behind

Snippets of thought: saying goodbye, comfortable clothing, gathering memories, holding on to the key – the key to what?, weeding off meds, blue trunk memory holder



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