Dream 01-21-2018 Nosy Neighbors

Nosy Neighbors

I am new in a neighborhood, and am living in a condominium-style apartment (row of attached homes) with a friend. I have recently made friends with a neighbor, spent the day with her, and plan to have dinner with her later. I find myself somehow attracted to her, and am a bit confused about that, but hope to figure it out as I get to know her. I feel somehow “connected” to her.

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Dream 10-18-11 Taken


dreamWe are being taken away. I am a young woman – actually the age tends to vary, but mostly young, in my 20s. I have a male friend (boyfriend?) and he has his things in another place, so we hug and say goodbye, each hoping to see the other again, but we have no time for long goodbyes, we have to each do what we can to get on the ship in time. I watch him leave, a certain pang in my heart, hoping he makes it.

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