Dream 03-14-14 Chinese Tale

Chinese Tale


I am visiting in China and our host is telling us of an ancient Chinese tale about a young woman of royalty that was in danger. Her father was a target of an opposing faction, and they were chasing her, trying to find her and kill her as she was the only person living left in that line. We are in the manor house of the castle where this took place, though it’s not like a European castle, definitely Chinese in motif.

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Dream 09-21-2011 Packages


dreamI am in a small apartment in some kind of temporary way house. There are at least 2 large rooms, very little furniture, and the place is run down and filthy. Someone is with me, as I comment to them about it. The carpet is ragged, there are even sprouts of something pushing up in the corners. I can’t imagine why the previous tenants didn’t clean it up – it must have been like this for ages, and no one bothered.

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