Dream 09-21-2011 Packages


dreamI am in a small apartment in some kind of temporary way house. There are at least 2 large rooms, very little furniture, and the place is run down and filthy. Someone is with me, as I comment to them about it. The carpet is ragged, there are even sprouts of something pushing up in the corners. I can’t imagine why the previous tenants didn’t clean it up – it must have been like this for ages, and no one bothered.

I (we?) start cleaning up, preparing to vacuum and get the place as clean as possible. There is a scorpion on a shelf, it jumps off and runs across my foot. I jump back, run to find something to smash it with, (a flyswatter) but it’s gone by then. Big hunt for the scorpion with no success – I know I won’t be able to sleep that night.

scorpion1I find it in the bathroom. As I approach it with the swatter, suddenly it’s just gone in a kind of flash. I see it on another wall, approach, same thing. I realize this is a jumping scorpion and will be very difficult to kill.

I can’t stay any longer, I have a meeting to go to – a special pickup. Some kind of spy thing? At the reception counter I give the woman the secret phrase, and she asks me for the payment for the packages. I find all kinds of unusual shaped bills in my purse – foreign currency? I don’t recognize them, but she does and seems to know which ones she wants.

packages2She gives me the packages and I head back to the apartment. I know some people are to pick up several packages, but don’t know who. On the way down the hall, a young man grabs one of the packages and heads to his room, right next to mine. I’m startled at first, thinking he might be one of the contacts – but then I’m thinking he may just be a thief. I know I have to go check it out. I get the packages put away then go knock on the door of the young man.

COMMENTS– can’t remember much more. The main feel of it was distress over the housing I had, what condition it was in. Yet I had to make do for the mission. As for the scorpion, the other night I was stung by a bee/wasp during the night while in bed asleep. Maybe the fear of getting stung? As for the currency, I’ve never fully understood money, and it being in different shapes and sizes and colors just adds to a confusion that is already there. My main feeling was of not knowing how to handle it – I had to let the woman do it, trust her to take what was her due. I felt rather inept.

One thing that could tie into this is that I am looking to sell my house and find an apartment to move to – I prefer to buy, but may have to rent, depending on the circumstances. I really don’t want to rent, and money is a matter of consequence if I don’t find something to buy. Having some current financial puzzles to figure out, so this dream could all tie into that.


Setting: old run-down apartment, lobby, hallway

People:  reception lady, guy in hall

Props:   scorpion, swatter, packages, currency

Actions: swatting bug, searching, package delivery, theft?

Feelings: distaste over apartment condition, fear of getting stung, uncertainty

Snippets of thought: secret phrase, some kind of undercover operation?




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