Fragment 02-20-12 Reading

Fragment – Reading

I am in an old building, upstairs in a big room filled with books and chairs and sofas. It is a reading room and I am reading a very big fat book, hardback, probably well over a thousand pages. It’s not a novel, but rather heavy reading, yet fascinating.

There is music playing, coming from another room.  Someone is with me – female. She tells me it’s time to leave. I decide to take the book with me – apparently the room is some kind of lending library. I calculate and am sure I can finish it by the next week when it will be due back.

I start thinking about the fact that I am also reading a book on my Kindle, and listening to an audiobook, and wonder if I really will have time to finish this one. After a moment I decide that yes, and they are each very different, so there should be no confusion in trying to read three books at a time.

I carry the book out of the room and pause in the hallway near the stairs leading down to the lobby. In the next room I am drawn to the music playing and go into the room to hear better. It is dim in this room, where the other was bright with reading light. This is more ambient, for listening and relaxing. On the player is an anthology of old songs, songs I’ve heard all my life, currently playing something from quite awhile back, and I think, I want to take that with me too.

I decide to buy it. This is something I would like to keep. I approach the player – and the doorbell rings and wakes me.


The doorbell seemed to come from my waking mind, and woke me from a dream, but apparently wasn’t real. There was much more to this dream, this is only the tail end, but that unreal doorbell woke me with a jar and I couldn’t hold on to the rest.

The feeling in the dream was of familiarity, comfort, ease. The old house was familiar to me, a place in my mind I go to regularly, though the setting, the actual rooms, are not ones I’ve dreamed of before, to my knowledge.

I don’t remember what the book was about, but it was something on the spiritual or philosophical side, heavy reading for a heavy book. I am actually reading a book on my Kindle and listening to an audiobook, parallel books, so to speak. I don’t do that often, but the two books are very different and so not confusing as to what scene or character is from which book.

In the dream, I recognized the song, but cannot remember what it was now. Just that it was something from the past.


Setting:  old house, two rooms, a reading room, a music room, a hallway with a stairwell

People: myself, another female presence

Props:  a big heavy book, a music player, Kindle (in thought)

Snippets of thought:  light for reading, “heavy reading”, ambient dimness for listening, reading and listening, tunes from the past,  sense of history in the house, the rooms, feelings of comfort, familiarity

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