Fragment 02-09-12 Rooms

Fragment – Rooms

I am going through rooms, bedrooms mostly, checking them out for size and layout. Looking for one for myself, but also thinking of family members, like I’ll see a room and think it might be perfect for my daughter. But mostly looking for me.

One room in particular is rather unique. It’s a good size, somewhat old fashioned with high ceilings. Along one wall are three sets of sliding panels. At first I think they are built in closets. Then I open them to see.

One slides open and has a toilet and sink built into the wall – just enough space, it really is closet sized. The middle one opens to a bathtub, just a bathtub, built into the wall. The farthest one is a shower, also built into the wall. I think how convenient it must be to have it all in the same room.


Well, the only thing that comes to mind is that I have been looking at apartments for sale in anticipation of selling the house, checking out floor plans, etc, so this is probably a reflection of that. My daughter will also need to find an apartment for herself, and I keep her in mind when I am looking.


Setting: various rooms

People:  myself

Props:  closet bathrooms

Snippets of thought:  looking for a place to live, a sense of comfort

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