Dream 02-26-12 Weather


I am with others and we are on the last day of a vacation holiday. We decide to go to the beach. It is a beautiful spot, white clean sands and blue waters in a slightly curving cove. We can see it from a higher perspective, as if looking down on it from high ground.

We go there for awhile, but there are too many people. A whole group of people are taking up all the front shallow area of the water, doing some kind of group dance. And there are too many sunbathers, this is not what we wanted.


We pull back – literally, point of view becomes the far perspective again, as if we are looking at the scene from a distance. We decide to change the weather. Suddenly the scene below is darker, the skies no longer blue, but dark grey and filled with roiling clouds. The beach is empty and has a kind of graceful beauty as it stands against the oncoming storm. The waves are rising, crashing. It will be great to collect shells that might was up on shore from this storm. But not very comfortable to actually be in the storm, and i worry about water spouts forming.

We don’t even go down to the beach, instead, we change the weather once again. It is mild, slightly overcast, not the warmest of days, but warm enough for a nice walk on the beach, maybe to collect the shells and other treasures that may have washed up after the storm? The beach is deserted, vacationers have all gone home. It’s perfect.


I haven’t seen a beach in years, and certainly not one as beautiful as this one.  Interesting perspective in the dream, most of it taking place from a kind of non-place, just a point of view/vue. There was a kind of generic “we” to the scene. No individuals, but we were a group, and we had a kind of collective mind.

Thinking of the scenes – the first one might be considered a social scene, people dancing in the water, others talking together while sunbathing, a very connected kind of environment, the kind of thing one would expect on holiday.

The second scene, stormy, alive, vibrant, all emotion and feeling, but lurking danger there. Exhilaration best experienced from afar, even though it had the potential of hidden treasures coming to light.

The last scene, the preferred scene was about solitude and introspection, finding those treasures in a peaceful environment, no distractions. A long walk on the beach.

One thought comes to mind – I’ve lived life in all three ways. Though I’ve never been that outgoing, I did spend some years discovering the social part of life, freely exploring friendships and just having fun. I’ve also had my share of wild emotions, falling in love, heart break, joy, anger, turmoil, discovery, the peaks of feeling in all flavors. And in between, the moments of reflection, calm, a kind of welcomed solitude. At this point in my life, I’ve chosen and pretty much stuck to that long beach walk. It suits me, and there are still as always, treasures to discover.


Setting: Beach, distant view

People:  Generic “we” and generic others

Snippets of thought:  water dance, changing weather, social fun, stormy emotions, a walk on the beach, solitude, discovery, hidden treasures

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