Fragment 03-11-14 Collapse


icon_moonI am going to a doctor office, not for a visit but to drop something off. I am in the entry lobby, and open a door that leads down a corridor. As I look into the corridor, thinking to move forward, I collapse. I lay there, half in, half out of the corridor, the door still open. I wonder if I have fainted, but realize that no, I have just collapsed. I lay there not moving, thinking of what I need to do next. I know I must look strange laying there on the floor, surely someone will notice and let the doctor know. I am thinking that this isn’t my regular doctor, but he will still know what to do. I wonder when someone will find me.

Comment:  Odd little dream fragment. I have recently been to see my doctors, Spring round of visits, plus I have been watching House on dvd, so maybe that is enough to explain the doctor theme. The strangest part is, I don’t know if, in the dream, I was unable to move or simply unwilling. I didn’t try to get up or anything, I just lay there contemplating what might happen next.

Setting: office building, corridor

Thoughts: in-between, in or out, passive


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