Dream 2-22-14 Spy Dots

Spy Dots

dreamI walk into an apartment, my apartment. I am 30-something, with a man, a companion. As we pass through the entryway, a small red flash of color catches my eye. I realize it is a tiny spy camera placed high up on the wall.

I pull my companion into the apartment, into my arms in a hug, and whisper in his ear that there is a spy camera in the entryway, and therefore likely in the rest of the apartment too. It doesn’t occur to me to wonder why, but I need him to know, so he doesn’t say anything that would give us away.

We stroll into the apartment, talking about this and that, as our eyes roam over the place. I turn around, saying how much I love my new place, as an excuse to show why I am looking all over, up and down. The apartment is beautiful, tall ceilings, open spaces, with an eclectic mix of modern and older furniture that somehow blend into a welcoming harmony. I love the apartment, and am disappointed at the thought that it is bugged.

But I remain on alert, not letting my feelings through, as we talk and search. I spy a couple more miniscule red dots in the living room, and realize I can be seen in my chair where I use my laptop. I feel a slight embarrassment, wondering what I might have done there that was captured on camera. Have they seem me pick my nose, and then grab a tissue only after? Have they seen me mumbling to myself as I compose thoughts in my head?


Well, that was a strange one. Short. I wasn’t in myself, Judee, until the last there, where I saw my “laptop chair” wondering if anyone had seen me pick my nose, of all things. (Okay, so tell me, who doesn’t pick their nose on occasion, I dare you, lol) Before that I was someone else, a character in a film or book. Odd, because I haven’t read any books or seen any shows that have spy stuff in it, or hidden cameras, etc.

And oddly enough, through the first part of the dream, before I saw the one thing that ties me to this, my own apartment, I was cool, efficient, not at all upset at this invasion of my privacy, more like I had expected it on some level. As we looked around the apartment, the only emotion I was feeling was one of determination. I think my character in the dream actually was some kind of spy or agent, used to this kind of thing. Cool and collected, observant.


Setting: An apartment, belonging to “me”

People:  Myself as a female character, plus a male companion.

Props:   Spy Dots, furniture, my computer area

Actions: Searching

Snippets of thought: cool and collected, I Spy, feeling at home in a beautiful apartment. 


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