Dream 11-11-12 Realtor


I am with one of my Realtors – Mr. DS-Sr. (he works with his son) only he isn’t a Realtor, he’s a car salesman. We are at the car dealership and he has just sold a car to a woman. He asks me if I want to go along for a ride, and I say yes.  He tells the woman he will follow her while she takes her new car for a test drive to see if all is in working order.

We get in a car and follow her out of the dealership with her new car  and rather than taking a turn around the block, she goes up onto a freeway ramp. We try to follow her, but she gets ahead of us and we lose her.

Mr. DS tells me we are near his home and asks if I would like to stop by for a coffee or tea. I say yes and he takes me to this beautiful home, full of spacious rooms and nice furniture. I think to myself it looks like a showcase, something my Mom would have done.

We talk, tour the home, talk some more. He is being friendly and wanting to know about me, and telling me about himself. It almost feels like a date, yet there is no hint of such, just being friendly and getting to know one another. I do wonder what it’s all about.

It starts getting toward dusk and I tell him I must leave soon, because my eyes are not good for driving at night. Apparently my car is now at his place so I will be driving directly from there. I tell him dusk is particularly bad – so he gives me instructions of how to get back, and I try to picture them in my mind.


Funny, for all the conversation in the dream, I can’t remember if we were talking French or English. French would make more sense, as I don’t think he speaks English, but I rarely dream in French, so it was probably English

I haven’t seen this realtor in awhile, his son has been doing most of the contact after the father messed up more than one rendez-vous. I remember thinking at the time that he might be having some problems, either with alcohol or age, and was glad the son was taking over, but curious as to where the father was. The father did remind me of a car salesman.


Setting: Car dealership, in a car, in a home

People:  Mr. DS-Sr. Myself. Briefly the lady who bought the car.

Props:   new car, luxury home

Actions: a lot of talking

Snippets of thought: “getting to know you,” Mom’s tastes in furniture, open spaces, concerns for vision, driving at night.


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