Dream 04-24-12 City Visitations

City Visitations

I am at a doctor visit in a city – in a modern building on one of the upper floors. My doctor is concerned and wants me to see another doctor to get a scan and second opinion. I move through the building to another office, am made to wait, but finally see the specialist. He seems unimpressed with what the first doctor said, and tells me I don’t need any scans, and sends me on my way.

I am feeling frustrated, and tired, not sure what to do, get another opinion? As I reach the lobby, I now just want to go find my car and get home – but I run into my parents. They want to offer me a ride home, but I say it’s too far out of their way, as I am in a different direction, and that besides, I have my car.

My mom is doing most of the talking. I notice my Dad is mostly wandering around, talking to people, being friendly – but it seems odd, as he always used to stay close to mom in social situations – not that this is social, we’re in the middle of a building lobby. It’s almost as if he doesn’t realize we are there.

I ask my mom what’s going on and she says he’s just different, that’s all. I wonder if he is senile, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, it’s almost as if he just isn’t aware of the normal connections, proper behavior, etc. She tells me he is always wandering off, trying to help people.

We drag him away from some people, saying we must leave now. My mom wants to walk me to my car, but I tell them it’s too far. However, she insists. But I’m not sure where the car is anymore – I see a mental map – I know there was a turn off from one multi-intersection, but at first I think we may have gone down the wrong one, my street is a street over. It’s hard crossing traffic, there don’t seem to be any traffic lights, we just have to find the right moment. My dad keeps wandering off, stopping to help people.

We start back the way we came so I can get my bearings, I’m sure it’s just the street over from this one, but the only access is back at the intersection. It starts to rain as we get back, and my mom insists that she will drive me – I tell her again, it’s too far out of their way and I want to get my car. I’m halfway afraid they will take me to their place instead of mine. She insists, promises they will only drive me to my car.

Then we are in some kind of vehicle, it’s more like a hovering car, flying over the traffic, and it has a kind of radar screen – it hones in on my car and we find it easily. They drop me off there, and go on their way.


Doctor stuff – not that uncommon. I do have an appointment this week for another scan, so that could have triggered the doctor part. Getting lost is another common theme, as well as trying to remember where I put my car, searching for it.

My parents had a strong presence in this dream. Even though they are both deceased, I wasn’t aware of that in the dream. My dad was particularly strange – so different. He was in his own world, happy, helping others, almost in a state of bliss – yet it was inconvenient for my mom and for us getting to where we were going. I wasn’t impatient with him, though, just slightly confused and oddly happy for him.


Setting: office building, doctor’s office, city streets, inside a strange vehicle

People:  two doctors, my parents

Props:  car – missing, cars in traffic

Actions: talking with doctors, hunting for my car, crossing traffic, searching

Snippets of thought: can’t find my way home – again, searching for my car – again, parents visiting, how different dad is, mental map, mom is her usual take charge self, dad seems blissfully unaware of all but being of service.

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