Dream 04-08-12 Job Interview

Job Interview

I (young, female) am with two guys, early 20’s at some kind of computer arts job interview –  it is mostly their interview, I’m just kind of tagging along, yet am somehow part of the group. (?) The two bosses are slightly older, but not by much. The interview goes well, and we leave.

I can’t figure out how to make the elevator work – the floors are not marked, and the buttons don’t do anything when I press them. Finally I see a slider on the wall and grab the handle and slide it to what looks to be the lobby, though it isn’t labeled. The elevator slides down and opens onto the lobby.

A female security guard is there to escort us out. As we pass by one entry with wide automatic glass doors, we see someone outside of a toy store, they have guns in their hands like they are scoping it out to rob it. The security guard leaves us and goes out.

We go out the side exit and try to see what it going on, but the security guard is just talking to the person, and finally lets them go.

I need to get home. I want to get groceries before the stores close for Easter weekend, and we need to find a bus to get us to the train station. We see some bus stops as we walk around, but no way to know if they are the right bus. When we ask others, they’re not the right one.

We pass by a building and hear gunshot inside. I immediately think of the robber we saw, and am thinking that the security guard never should have let them go!

We keep wandering around the city, trying to get our bearings, trying to find a bus stop. One of the guys keeps getting ahead, and a couple of times I’m afraid we will lose him, but he then waits for us to catch up. The city is complex, not easy to navigate, and the few bus stops we find are not the right one.

We see the guy from the toy store and follow him. He goes into a basement apartment. We wait till he leaves, then go see his “hideout”. It’s unlocked, so we go in. At first we think it is filled with arms, then we look closer and realize they are all toys. toy guns, rifles, and other toys, too not just guns. The guy is apparently either a toy maker or a salesman.

We hear him at the door, he has come back! We try to hide, but there is no room. He doesn’t seem perturbed, but welcomes us, and the guys talk and laugh about the misunderstanding. He is able to give us directions to the bus that will take us to the train.

We leave. We go past an area where they are manufacturing small futuristic planes, maybe 4 times the size of a car. I’m wondering if the directions are right when we go into a door and find ourselves on an escalator that takes us down down and down in a long spiral.

We find ourselves in the original office where the job interview was. The bosses said we/they had passed the test and were hired. After a few congratulations they show us to our quarters – a kind of central living area, with separate cubicles set higher up in the walls, short ladders leading to them.

I didn’t get the groceries, but I guess it’s not important after all, since the place seems pretty much self contained. I climb up my ladder into my “room” which isn’t really a room. It’s more like a small box area, the size of a double bed, and filled with a comfortable mattress.

As I start to climb in, I see a yellow sticky-note. On it is scrawled a note from my mom, saying, “Sorry I missed you, maybe next time.”

I climb all the way in and examine the small cubicle. The mattress is comfortable, there are pillows, and a blanket or sheet. It’s high enough to sit up but not to stand. There small storage spaces alongside the bed, inlaid into the wall. I think at least i can keep my books and a few other personal items. It’s cozy, and comfortable, and private. i like it.


The perspective in this dream seemed to shift in and out – sometimes I was actually there, other times it was more like I was just observing the two guys and occasionally a female with them.

I know where a lot of it comes from. I just started reading a book by Ben Bova called Death Dream, and it’s about a computer guy going to work for a virtual reality firm. So I think that triggered the job interview, at least, though the job was more for computer graphics. I also had intended to get groceries Saturday since all the stores are closed until Tuesday, but didn’t do it – thus the need to get home in time to buy groceries in the dream.

There was a lot of searching for the bus – a very familiar theme in my dreams, either bus or train, in this case, a mix of both, trying to find a bus to take us to the train. It was a European city – felt like Lausanne, but it was mostly flat. The layout of streets was far from the square format of most US cities. Lots of turns and rounded areas and streets merging into 3 or more other streets.

The strangest part was the cubicle at the end and the note from my mother. It was almost as if she had planned to visit the dream and was saying maybe next time. I liked the feel of the cubicle, it was cozy, big enough, and it felt comfortable and safe.


Setting: office building, elevator, toy store, city streets, basement apartment, bed-cubicles

People:  me-young female, two young men, two bosses, fake robber, female security guard

Props:  elevator, buildings, escalator, gun, toy guns, toys, escalator

Actions: job interview, figuring out the elevator, spying n a robbery, searching for the bus and train, following a suspect, searching an apartment, getting a job,

Snippets of thought:  the perfect job, need groceries, running out of time, searching for the bus, puzzles to solve, a note from mom, a safe haven, feeling cozy.

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