Dream 04-05-12 Vampire


At first, I am an observer. I watch a kind of ambush, cars blocking a road, someone getting out to see, and people surround him, only it’s not people, it’s vampires.

I turn the scene over in my mind, thinking to remember it to describe to friends, only I am curious now, I want to see where they went. I enter the scene, walk around the stalled cars, look for signs of who these people were. I am greeted by one of them – perfectly human. She asks if I want to come visit. I say yes.

I am taken to a huge residence, the interiors both modern and ancient like a mix between a castle and a hotel. This is where they live. I meet all of them, and they admit they are vampires. Their leader is exceptionally handsome and I find myself drawn to him. (I am a young woman, maybe late 20’s)

I stay with them awhile and fall in love with the leader. We make love and it is beautiful and poetic and amazing, like a dream. I become with child. I am happy.

My parents come to visit and I know they are having a hard time accepting these people, my people. I don’t tell them I am pregnant, or that they are vampires. But they begin to see my life as something not to fear, and they even enjoy some of the activities we allow them.

During this time, my lover takes me to a room, hardly bigger than an elevator, but sound proof, where we can talk and we discuss the pregnancy. He tells me that vampire babies must be harvested early, and incubated in a special place. I am heartbroken, I want to carry the child within me. But he says it is vampire and cannot survive within me. The baby will need special nourishment to come to term, and to be able to grow as a normal child until such time as it inherits its vampire nature.

When we leave the booth, I am more determined than ever to hide the pregnancy from my parents. But apparently I don’t need to. I see them at the door waiting to say goodbye – they are refreshed and happy, and waiting to go have an adventure. Their visit has renewed their marriage in some way, and they are grateful.

After I say goodbye, something occurs to me – I’ve had a hysterectomy in the past, how can I be pregnant? I want to find my lover, ask him in the booth, but he is out and I will have to wait. I don’t doubt that I am pregnant, I just wonder how.


Very curious dream. I had trouble sleeping last night, lay awake for the longest time, then finally drifted into sleep and have this somewhat agitated dream. i don’t do it justice, there are so many elements I have forgotten, it was rich with detail and though most of it I was just a generic young woman until my parents appeared for a visit. They were younger versions of themselves, too.

There is never a point in the dream where I “become” a vampire, and I don’t know if I ever did. I feel like I wasn’t fully one of them yet. But still part of the family.


Setting: an empty street, a big mansion, both modern and ancient,  sound proof booth

People:  me-young woman, generic people, vampires, the leader, my parents

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