Dream 03-08-12 Revolt


I am with high school friends – we’re maybe college age, I know we haven’t seen each other in a few years, as it’s like a kind of reunion. my best friends are there as well as some of “the guys”, in particular Terry and Bruce, among others. We are put into some kind of bus and at first I’m sitting by Bruce who is asking about me, putting his arm across the back of my seat – he tells me he missed me, and gives me a kiss. Later, in another vehicle, it is Terry who does this. They both tend to be near me during most of the events to follow, as well as Jane and Patti.

At first it seems like we’re going on some kind of cultural tour – we are sitting at the back of a huge outdoor audience. Amphitheater

The podium is so far away we can’t see the people on it, but we hear their voices. They are talking some kind of anti-political stuff. I’m not paying much attention until the tour leader gives us guns, and tells us we must overthrow the bad guys on stage.

We all refuse to participate, he relents, and takes the guns away, then gives rocket launchers to the guys. As he does so, a number of soldiers stand by with automatic weapons. We are told that that is the enemy on stage, and if the guys don’t shoot, we will all be shot.

They shoot, and it’s a terrible roar, we see the rockets landing on the distant stage, that is in shadow. There is no way to know if anyone was hurt, but we hear reports coming from the military guy’s radio – several targets down, but a couple of them have escaped.

We are shuffled off onto another bus – one of the guys puts his head on my shoulder, and I try to comfort him, saying he had no choice. We are all feeling bad.  Now we are in another country, and the military guy tells us we must get information, spy on a group, try to infiltrate them. We are to pose as reporters.


We stand outside the fenced area of the compound, peering in, wondering if we should just try to escape ourselves, but no one knows how to get away. We go in and do our reporter thing, but we are found out anyway, and taken into holding cells. We huddle together, afraid of what will happen.

We are questioned extensively, and we try to explain but are told it doesn’t matter, we are to be an example.

Suddenly troops are running through the corridors (our guys) and shooting, and getting us out – we manage to run to safety, but Terry runs off after the leader, to capture him in a heroic attempt.

Now we are all sitting in an auditorium as the curtain closes on the movie – we’d been watching a movie! Yet we were the guests of honor, because apparently it was a real event, the movie had been based on. We were being honored.


Oddly, in the midst of all the adventure, there were several times when one of the guys came up to me and either hugged me or kissed me affectionately, it was as if they really had missed me and thought of me as a friend.

The whole military coup thing was just plain weird. The only thing I can think of is that I’ve been re-reading Stephen King’s “The Stand” and am at the part when the military, or people calling themselves military, are trying to control the situation, and a lot of people are getting killed. mostly out of ignorance or fear. So it’s quite possible that triggered this aspect of the dream.


Setting: outdoor theater, outdoors, in a bus, other transport, compound, holding cell, an auditorium

People:  me-younger-20s, high school friends, mostly Jane, Patti, Bruce, and Terry. military guys, the bad guy leader

Props:  guns, busses, military vehicles, rocket launchers

Snippets of thought:  old friends, warm hugs, being controlled by others, being forced to act against principles, spying, taking the fall, heroics, rescue, just a movie.


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