Dream 02-08-12 Preparing


I am visiting family, my Texas family, including my parents and others. I am alone, packing a small bag, about the size of an overnight bag. The others have gone shopping in the city or at a mall – some big place with plenty of stores. It’s not close by, and I am thinking perhaps I should have gone with them, as the plane leaves tomorrow.

This was my last chance to get some shopping done, and I am somewhat perturbed with myself for not going. I continue packing the small bag, thinking of things I wanted to buy during this visit. I am thinking in particular of some new short sleeve shirts, and maybe some house shoes or comfy loafers to match them. I know it is winter, but in Texas the winter is mild and one can find short sleeve tops at bargain prices.

Now I am looking for a book to read, while I’m in the hospital. The bag is prepared, with toiletries and a few other things I might need while I’m in the hospital, but I definitely need reading materials. I’ll be going in for surgery, and may be staying several days. I wonder if one book will be enough.


There is always a special kind of feel to these home visits, though interestingly enough they often take place at or near the end of the visit. The switch from the plane leaving the next day to it being a hospital visit for surgery happened without a hitch, one moment it was the plane, the next it was the hospital.

I do need some new short sleeve shirts, most of mine are getting rather ragged, as I’ve had them for years. I am not much of a shopper, especially for clothes, which is why I’m a bit surprised to be dreaming of shopping for clothes – usually it’s for books.

Interestingly, as I started to put down the props and places in the Notes below, I realized that most of this dream was just thinking to myself. The plane, the hospital, were places I was going, the family visit was past, even the book was hypothetical, as I was just thinking about choosing a book to read.


Setting: Texas, a bedroom, (plane) (hospital) (thoughts of)

People:  myself, my Texas family, (thoughts of)

Props:  overnight bag, (book)

Snippets of thought:  dream thinking, packing a bag, thoughts of a plane, a hospital visit, surgery, in transition, visit is past, preparing for something to come

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