Dream 01-17-12 Guidance Testing

Guidance Testing

I am with a group of people on a test drive of a new boat. It’s a large boat, about the size of a yacht. There are around a dozen of us and we are all comfortably wandering around on the deck without it feeling crowded. At one point I see the boat from a distance. It isn’t like anything I’ve seen before – it is oval in shape, and there is no front or back. I realize this is so it can change direction easily. It is about half as wide as it is long, a strange shape all over, and a dark metallic color – looks almost like something you’d see in a sci-fi movie.

Of the group on the boat there is one person I know, Mike, a chiropractor who I used to work for, and apparently he has his fiancé there with him, too. We are all in our 30’s age wise, pretty much a random group chosen to test this new prototype.

As the boat moves through the water, I explore it mentally and realize there is no mechanism for steering or navigation – nothing mechanical should the electronic guidance fail. This makes me a bit uneasy. In the distance I see approaching clouds and wonder if this new guidance system can take into account weather and waves.

I soon find out – the rain starts, and high winds and soon we are in the middle of quite a storm. At first the boat continues on path, trying to move through the storm, but the waves are too strong and it is thrown off course. An automatic failsafe in the guidance system shuts it down, and the storm moves us along without resistance. Finally the storm clears and we realize the boat is stranded on a shallow sand reef.

The sand reef is just off shore from land, and we manage to get enough supplies off the boat and onto land to make a kind of camp slightly inland. The area is a mix of tropical and a regular forest. We’re not sure where we are, or how close to civilization we might be – we can’t be far as the boat didn’t travel that far. The makers of the prototype will find us, but meanwhile we need to make camp, which we do, setting up tents and some fires. Night is approaching.


There is a certain sense of adventure to it all. People are milling around, some stopping by the fires, some exploring around, some in the tents. Mike approaches me and gives me a huge hug. He is excited, happy to be having fun, and sharing his sense of delight with me. He is as flirty as ever, and I respond in kind, and tease him about his fiancé, saying he should be careful about hugging other women when she’s nearby. It’s all in fun, as we both know that what we share is a deep sense of friendship and no threat to his relationship. He hugs me again, long and hard, and tells me how wonderful it is to see me again.

Scene changes and we are in some kind of large house structure – like and old abandoned hotel that is past its prime and in need of remodeling. Apparently we are all to live here – the hotel rooms are more like suites, big enough to create small apartments and studios, it just needs to be fixed up.

At the end of one hallway I go into a room on the right hand side where Mike has set up a small chiropractor office – there is a desk, some supply cabinets and equipment, and a table for one patient at a time. Being at the end of the building, it has a window to the left, letting in light. The place looks nice, and he is proud to show it to me. I notice that there is a much larger area back to the right of the entry, in shadow, but I can tell it is twice again as large as his small office. Mike tells me it’s for expansion when his practice grows.

ChiropractorsWe are comfortable together, flirting a little, and he says he wishes I could work for him again. He misses the old days, he misses me, in particular. Suddenly things turn serious and he starts to kiss me, but I pull away, mentioning that there is a line not to be crossed and reminding him he is engaged. He tells me things are different now, that seeing me has brought up so many feelings and he wants us to be together, to see what might have been. I tell him no, it’s all past, and leave the room.

Later, I am with his fiancé – she is friendly, welcoming, any friend of Mikes is a friend of hers. She takes me to the same apartment – Mike is elsewhere. She ignores the office stuff and takes me back into the other part, turning on some lights so I can see better. She tells me of her vision for their new home, how she wants to decorate it, where different areas will be, living area, sleeping area, etc. Her plans seem to ignore the office, she says Mike can put his office anywhere, but this will be their home.

I ask her if she has told her plans to Mike, and she says no she wants it to be a surprise. I tell her she should perhaps discuss it with him, he may want to keep the office as is. She continues to plan, saying he will go along with it. I’m not so sure. I listen with a sense of wonder at how very different their vision is for this space.


Mike and I did have a special relationship, it felt like he was family to me, and I dream of him from time to time, almost as if we are just checking in with each other, always with the same delight to see each other. Even when there is another story around it, there is usually one point in the dreams where we have that moment of deeper contact, that touching of souls.

As for the dream itself, of course there are some pretty obvious observations in terms of symbols. One I’m not clear on is the guidance system, whether to think it was internal or external – the system itself is in the boat, but what was controlling it? Was it fully intrinsic to the boat or was there an outside source, satellite, whatever that was guiding it?

It all goes to control. At one point the guidance system shuts down because forcing the boat on a specific path would cause it to overturn. Letting go of the control and riding out the storm eventually brought it to safety.

Life is like that – we all want to think we are in control, that we know where we need to go and how to get there, but there will always be events that blow us off course, and sometimes the best response in those times is to just go with the flow and see where it takes you.

Another interesting element is that of perspective – how each person his their own view of things. In a funny way, that kind of speaks to what I am trying to do with this dream journal – set out rooms, scenes, events, and allow others to find their own personal symbols in it, their own personal perspective.

On another level, it reminds me that I had been seeing a certain situation through the eyes of the person who was telling me about it, but recently I got a glimpse of the perspective of the other person involved, and realized how very different it was from what I thought, what I had been guided to see. Hmm… there’s that guidance system again.

It’s a reminder that in any given situation involving more than one person, there will be different perspectives, each person will interpret what is happening differently. So when you get info third hand, take it for what it is, the interpretation of the person who is telling you about it, nothing more. It is only part of the reality. The “situation” is like that room in the dream – basically neutral. It is the people who give it meaning and power, and they may or may not be on the same wavelength, so take what you are told with a grain of salt.


Setting – on a boat, on the water, in a storm, at a campground, an old hotel, a room to re-do, chiropractor’s office

People – myself, Mike, his fiancé, generic people, in our 30’s

Snippets of thought:   “Up the creek without a paddle.”   – no visible means of navigation, of control  – internal/external guidance system?  – pushing through/against the storm – letting go and going with the flow – a sense of adventure – contact with a friend – a matter of perspective


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