Movie Dreams

newiconI don’t know about most people, but many of my dreams are like watching movies. In these, I am usually in the POV (point of view) of one of the main characters, but at the same time it is as if I am watching from a distance – a kind of dual perspective. I am never myself, Judee, in these dreams, but I still often feel things from the perspective of whatever character I am in.

For example, though I won’t try to record the dream exactly, as too many elements are now missing from my memory, last night I dreamed I was part of some kind of rescue squad that was clearing people out of an area in danger of flooding. I remember being female, one of a group of four rescuers. There was no Judee in this personage, yet I was in her perspective.

Sometimes in such dreams, bits of me will filter in, like I’ll have a thought about my daughters, or something personal to me,  not to the character, yet in the dream it doesn’t seem odd, it just kind of blends in. I identify with, I am, the person in the dream. I feel what they feel, experience their personality and character as if it were my own.

I think perhaps the ability to have these kinds of dreams is in part, at least, due to the fact that I have always been an avid reader. I become the people in the books, usually the main character, and have always gone deeply into any fiction I read. Movies are the same – I used to go to movies alone, now I watch DVDs alone, because I want to experience it from start to finish without interruption. I immerse myself in the universe of the movie, and everything around me disappears.

It is the same feeling in these dreams. I am immersed in the story, in the character. Their emotions become my own. I live the dream. And I love it.

I wonder how many others have this kind of dream – of the few people I’ve questioned, most just have dreams involving their own self, they are the star of their dream, not some character in a movie. But I know others do have these dreams. And I think that, like me, they are probably either readers or movie fans or both.

I wonder what movie I’ll dream tonight?

Dream well,



4 thoughts on “Movie Dreams

  1. cool blog idea! i thought about doing something like this but sometimes my dreams are just too weird to write out hahaha 🙂 !! it’d be cool to see you keep this up! i love reading about dreams and decoding! it’s fun!!

  2. I dream like you, watching a movie… I also have a tendency to rewind my dreams when I am unhappy with the result or bored of the dream. Each time I rewind I’ll change something, and then see how it plays out.

    I am an avid reader and I get very engrossed in the movies I do watch. Never thought there might be a connection before.

    • I’ve never thought about rewinding, that’s fascinating! And I really don’t know if reading, etc makes a difference, but the people I talk to who dohave movie dreams tend to be readers or movie watchers or both. Just a thought. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. 🙂

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