What Dreams May Come

newiconThis all started out with me working on site building, trying to get my dreams recorded into an online Dream Journal – fun to do, but a lot of work, and the hardest part is organizing it all to keep the dreams linked to, etc. No database for finding tags or anything like that, just plain links and pages. So I thought to myself, what about a Dream Blog? 

This may turn into something more than that, I really don’t know – but meanwhile, at least from this point I can record my dreams, add tags, categories, etc, and have a place to keep them in order. Sounds good to me. If others are interested in dreaming, dream research, dream journals, etc, perhaps we can discuss some of that here, too. I’m open to suggestions. Maybe there are others using WordPress for dream recording?

First things first, I have to figure out what formats I can use on this limited free version of WordPress – if it feels right, I may even purchase the larger package, and get really creative. I wish I knew how to add posts from past dates, then I could add my past dreams to the catalogue, but that’s not a huge problem. I still intend to complete the Dream Journal and site one day, and perhaps I’ll link to it once I figure out how.

Anyway, it’s a start, which is more than I’ve done for the past year or so on the Journal.

Ohhh look at all the Tools! This is going to be fun!

Sweet dreams,



2 thoughts on “What Dreams May Come

  1. You can create “pages” for your past dreams – kind of create a dream history using earlier dreams. You can create a page for each dream from the past, or a page for a group or types of dreams. Just go to the “pages” on your dashboard.

    I like your dream blog. In my dreams I am usually the eyes of the dreamer -but I never see myself – I just know its me. Sometimes I see parts of myself, like I’ll see my legs walking across the room.

    • Thanks for the tip! I’m going to try pre-dating a post and see how that works, but if it doesn’t this is another option.

      What you describe, being in the eyes of the dreamer, that’s what I experience, too, I don’t usually see myself except sometimes in the movie dreams. In those, it’s a kind of double perspective – I can be in the character, but at the same time it’s like I can see from outside of her/me. Simultaneously if that makes sense. 😉 It sounds weird, yet seems perfectly natural in the dream. Also, when I’m a younger or different version of me, or even a different person, I don’t always see from outside, but I know what I look like, just as you know how you look without need of a mirror.

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