Dream 01-08-12 Biopsy Bed

Biposy Bed

I am in the hospital for a medical procedure – the removal and biopsy of a nodule in my breast, more if necessary. I am not concerned, I am comfortable and content because I have had a double bed brought from home. It has all the same electronic parts of a hospital bed, push button movement of headrest, feet, etc, but in the size of a double bed.

My “room” is more of a cubicle – walls on three sides, and a kind of screen/curtain in front of it. It doesn’t matter as long as I have my bed. A nurse comes in and takes blood, and I am amazed that she finds the vein so quickly.

A moment later, a woman comes in and sits in a chair at the end of the bed. She is talking a bit fast, and I can’t tell if she is excited or anxious. She is asking me questions about what I think about being here, etc, then before I can even answer, she tells me her own thoughts. Apparently she is here for the same procedure as myself.

As she talks on, I am wondering why she is here, and then a friend of hers comes in and drops off a kind of gym bag, and I realize she is to be staying in my cubicle room with me. Suddenly I am wondering what to do about the double bed – surely she doesn’t think this is standard?

Apparently so. The head part of the bed is in sitting position and she climbs into the bed. I am thinking, how will this possibly work, what if one of us wants the head up and the other wants to rest. I want to tell her this is my bed, but before I do she suggests a short trip.

We have time before the procedures and she wants to go visiting – next thing, we are riding this double bed, as if it were a motorized vehicle. She has me drop her off at a friend’s place, telling me she will find her way back. I see this as an opportunity to return my bed and ask for regular hospital beds. I stop by my parents home – and they agree to keep the bed and take me back to the hospital. There I will get a regular hospital bed.


Hmm, nothing medical going on in my life at the moment – mammogram isn’t due until March or April. Awhile back, maybe 6 weeks ago, I went looking for beds at the furniture store, wondering what might be available for when I sell the house and move, since I won’t be keeping the waterbed. I did find some made for order beds that one can get in any size, and that have all the movements of a hospital bed – electronically controlled – except for the height element. Then about 10 days ago I found a site that rents or sells real hospital beds – and the price was in the same range as a single sized bed. It made me rethink whether I wanted to buy a regular bed or not. But I haven’t been thinking about it recently, so not sure where this came from.

My parents were very much like they were before my dad got ill – both well and happy. Nice to see them like that.


Setting:  Hospital, cubicle, my parents’ home

People: myself, woman/patient, my parents

Props:   double sized electronic bed,  cubicle screen, chair, gym bag, motorized bed/car

Snippets of thought: biopsy of a breast nodule, lack of concern, mainly concerned with comfort (my electronic bed), confusion about other patient, not wanting to share, don’t know how to tell her, home visit, parents well, the solution, get a hospital bed, not mine.

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