Dream 01-02-12 Pee or not

To Pee or Not to Pee

I’ve been shopping with friends and feel the need to pee, so I go off, and find a restroom. As I enter the stall, it occurs to me that I am dreaming, and probably need to wake up, that the need to pee is actual. Suddenly I’m afraid that if I pee in the dream, it will cause me to lose control and pee in my bed. But I can’t wait, the need to pee is too urgent.

I try to wake myself up, tell myself I must wake up, but even as I sit on the toilet, I know I can’t wake. As the pee releases from my body, i feel it so clearly, and I somehow know I’m peeing in my bed – I can even feel the sensation of wetness on my buttocks and thighs, soaking my skin and pajamas.

I still can’t wake, and am horrified that I’ve wet my bed, In the bathroom stall, I try to wipe it all off, I can feel it all over – but there is too little paper left – I look around, desperately, how am I going to get dry? I feel like I have to dry myself here in the dream to dry myself in bed.


At the end of this dream, I did wake and felt the need to urinate, so got up, went to the bathroom, and did so. No wet pjs, all was well. No loss of control of my bodily functions, even though in the dream, I was convinced that letting go would cause a similar bodily reaction in my real life, even felt it doing so.

Thinking about control – in the dream I tried to be in control, but it was something I couldn’t help – yet in waking life, I was in control, and apparently never in danger of actually losing it.


Setting: public restroom, at home in bed

People:  myself, generic friends

Props:  toilet seat, bed, toilet paper

Snippets of thought:  need to pee, wetting the bed, losing control, feeling horrified, dreaming of dreaming

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