Dream 01-02-12 Men in Black

Men In Black

I am in a small white car, and as the car crosses over a set of railway tracks, I suddenly am aware that there is danger somewhere – out of the blue, several men dressed all in black step out of hiding with long black guns – the term Uzi comes to mind, but they are not automatic, they only fire one bullet at a time. They are firing at us.

I know there are more of them, and I must make it through a certain maze of streets and get past all the hidden areas. Somewhere along the way I become aware that my younger daughter is also in this maze – and I must protect her – I realize she is a target, she is alone, on a kind of motorcycle, and I am in the lead car, clearing the way. Several ambushes later, having escaped any damage, I go through an underpass and suddenly I see two men in black, their guns ready, waiting behind the side of the underpass, hidden from view – I see my daughter approaching and know I have to do something.

As she passes under the road, I pull a gun out, and aim at the two men. Time stops, and as my daughter pulls in to view, it’s as if I have all the time in the world, I sight one of the men even as her head passes in front of him, frame by frame, movement is slowed and I take careful aim and shoot him in the head, then aim at the other man before he can even raise his gun, and shoot him, watching him fall back from the blow. This was the final threat, my daughter is safe, we all are safe.

The scene changes and I am at home, walking through several rooms – they are oddly joined, a bedroom then a bathroom and then another room. I find it odd that you have to walk through the bathroom to get to the other rooms, and I think there must be a way to arrange things differently. Next I pass by a large window that overlooks a back patio and yard. It has thin long blinds on it, partially open, and through them I see a young girl on a hammock. I know she is a neighbor and wonder what she’s doing here, but just mildly, she is welcome to come here to dream if she wishes to.

I enter a larger room, a kind of old fashioned kitchen, with a square wood table, painted white on the top – it is old, and sturdy, and a gathering place for family and friends. I sit at the table and start going through bills. Someone comes to the (kitchen) door, knocks, and is let in by a young woman who is apparently my daughter.

He is tall, big, dressed in black leather, and very imposing. He demands that I pay a particular bill. He’s a bill collector! I am at first put out, and especially since the bill in question is one I already paid on several days before. I tell him I paid it, and he insists, wants to see the receipt. I start to look for it, then begin to get angry. I tell him that we only got the bill in the mail less than 10 days ago, and that I made a payment on it –  he has no right to come here and intimidate us like this. I stand up to him, angry and determined not to be cowed, and tell him to leave.


I don’t know if he left, as this is when I woke, but I remember the feeling of standing up to him and it felt pretty good. Not sure what the men in black represent – interestingly enough, my imaginary guardian (who has been with me since childhood) always dresses in black, too.

My older daughter has a white car similar to the one I was in. And my guardian always drives a motorcycle, but in this dream it was my younger daughter on the cycle, and i was guarding her. I felt totally calm as I aimed and pulled the trigger. Totally in control. It was like I was seeing it frame by frame. The overall feel of the entire scene was like a video game.

The dream really is in two distinct parts, but they came together in one dream, and both had the theme of men in black. And of course, thoughts of the movie come to mind, but I don’t see how it is connected. Men in black are more like government agents or something.

The home felt familiar, as do all my dream homes, but is nothing I remember from waking life. The style was something more like you would see in the 50’s or even earlier, In this second part of the dream, I am a woman with a daughter, but it’s not me, Judee, and the daughter is not either of my girls.

I’m not sure where the girl in the hammock came from or how she might fit in. More like a peaceful interlude. Or just a visitor in my dream?

I did get a note from a collection agency the other day – trying to collect on charges that were added on to a bill I had paid a few days late, but paid in full – a scam I read about in the newspaper, where the late charges are almost as high as the original bill. So that probably triggered the bill collector. But I stood up to him, just as I didn’t fall for the collection scam.

Seems to be a theme of control here. I am the protector, I am the one in control, even my anger in the second part was righteous anger, not flared anger. Everything is under control, but in a good, positive way, from a position of inner strength.

Hmm, the pee dream was also about control – I was convinced I didn’t have it, but really I did all along.

Kind of an interesting set of dreams to start the new year.


Setting: Urban street scene, roads, underpasses; an older style house, rooms, bedroom bathroom other room, kitchen.

People:  Myself, my younger daughter, men in black, me as a woman in the past, a bill collector, also dressed in black. Girl in a hammock.

Props:  white car (I’m driving), motorcycle, Uzis, my gun; hammock, white kitchen table, bills.

Snippets of thought:  a wild ride, saving my daughter from danger, shooting the bad guy, more Rooms, a brief peaceful interlude, paying bills, standing up for myself.

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