Dream 12-26-11 Double Your Pleasure

Double Your Pleasure


dreamI am flipping through a magazine, back and forth, and I come upon a section about dreaming – and there on the page is a dream I had, fully recorded. I read it, and the dream comes back to me in full essence.

It is a romantic dream, almost mystical, and also very sensual, about me as a young woman and her soul mate. The final part of the dream is so descriptive, bringing back the feelings of longing and love, of sensual pleasure, erotic touch, and such a sense of rightness with this person.

I am surprised to see it written in this magazine, because I just had this dream for the second night in a row. Each night the same, but with minor differences. I don’t question how it got into the magazine, I just start reading again, enjoying the replay in my mind.



Since dreams on the same night tend to be associated, the one similarity I see, or more like a parallel, is that of sensation. Again, such a sensation of well being, this time sensual, the sensation of touch associated with loving another person so completely, at a soul level.

And, in its own way, another dream of comfort.

Just a note – I have not ever had the dream that was written down in the magazine, but in the dream it was very much my own.

Props: Magazine, published dream
Actions: reading, flipping through pages,
Snippets of thought: romance, soul-mate, longing, comfort


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