Dream 12-02-11 Raining Aliens

Raining Aliens

dreamI am in the character of a woman in her late 30’s, a family woman, mom of two children, a girl and a boy – they are twins, maybe 11 or 12? We’re in the family room watching a movie when the son notices something on the ceiling of the room – like rectangular lights. I notice them too. After a moment they seem even more evident.

crystalrainEventually they descend into the room – they are about the size and shape of dominoes, maybe a little bigger, but crystalline, and glowing and beautiful. They make us feel so wonderful, it is like watching angels. They hover around, and we look outside – they are all around, in the streets, people are gathering to see them, reach out – not touch, it’s too awesome, but everyone who is exposed is feeling so well and good and right.

Eventually they leave, and everyone is talking about them, wondering if they will again see them or experience the wonder of them. It’s even on the news, apparently this has happened all over the world. They are talking about the amazing visitors from elsewhere, and the wonderful gift of peace and harmony they brought us. Journalists are speculating what is it all about, is this the pre-runner of a real visit from these benefic aliens? Anticipation is high.

Many people are outside, enjoying the day, occasionally looking up into the clouds. I am out in the yard with the kids. Suddenly a voice comes out of everywhere, our alien friends, speaking in our language. They send greetings, and then say, “we give you a rain of lice”.


At first I think they say ice, and see what looks like snow falling towards us, but as it lands we see it is actually tiny white lice, showering us, getting all over us. We run for cover to the covered porch, brushing as many off as we can. I can see my arms, tiny white bodies, turning skin color, burrowing into the folds of the skin, almost impossible to see. I pull off one or two and crush them under my fingers.

We remove as many as we can, run fingers through hair, etc. It is an awful icky feeling, creepy, knowing we need to shower and get rid of them. But it takes a special soap that will kill them, and we can’t go to the store because the lice are raining all around. The son remembers something about two components necessary to kill lice, and we go in to check the shampoo in the cabinets – lots of different shampoo, but most with only one of the ingredients.

At one point we are debating whether this will be strong enough. One of the children mentions that chlorine could kill the lice if we could get to an indoor pool, but it’s too risky, we’ll have to go with the shampoo.

The daughter finally finds one and goes off to shower. I tell the son to wait and shower after her, but not to go anywhere in the house – one infested person can infect a whole house, and it will be impossible to get them out. We must also put the clothes in bags and wash them or throw them out. I feel awful, search more, and finally find another shampoo that will work.

Later we are gathered inside and watching outside. The lice rain has stopped, but we don’t want to leave the house. I wander around the house, checking all over – i still feel unclean. Some people knock at the door, asking for shelter, but I can’t let them in, as they are covered in lice. I look outside and see yet another rain, this time of mid-sized bugs. Small white scorpions, but not scorpions, darker round bugs, all shapes, similar to earthly bugs, like crickets, spiders, all kinds, but all different somehow, mutated. I see them crawling on the pavement and falling from the sky. Somehow they don’t seem as threatening as the lice, at least we can see them clearly and steer clear.

The tv journalists are all over it, speculating on what could be happening, and especially, what comes next? Our friendly aliens, aren’t so friendly after all, or do they not know that their gifts are unwelcome? Scientists are trying to figure out how to communicate, to stop these rains before something even more terrible comes out of the sky. What’s next? Raining fire?

Comments: None at the moment, other than to notice the polar opposites of feeling associated between the glowing rectangles and the lice rain.


Setting: in a home somewhere

People:  not-me woman with children, people outside, aliens

Props: crystals, lights,

Actions:  observing, running, hiding, showering

Feelings:  awe, surprise, repulsion

Snippets of thought: sudden switch from good to bad, seeking solutions, miscommunication?


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