Dream 11-25-11 Seven P.M. part 2

Seven PM part 2

dreamI am visiting my brother in the US and his girls are there with their daughters. Several scenes of admiring the little ones. I am leaving that evening, have to be at the airport at 7 pm. But first, we want to do some shopping and have a meal at a favorite place.

Shopping around, I see a tiny baby bootie – about the size of my thumb, actually, and I talk about how cute it is and can you believe the girls were ever so little? One of my grand nieces is there and I put it up against her foot. No one seems to notice it is doll size – Just the amazement that babies were ever that small.

mommybunnyNext I am with someone else, still shopping – a female relative. Closer to my age. (note: seemed to metamorphose between my mom and my ex’s mom.) She is looking for a gift for her friend to give to her grandson. He likes bunnies, so she is looking for a plushy bunny – but wants it to be a “mommy bunny” because the boy isn’t in contact with his mom and that way he can remember her. We look around and find a mommy bunny, with breasts and apron and everything, all dressed in pink. I think this to be an odd choice, and discourage her to get it, saying maybe we can find something else for the boy.

motherandsonNext, someone guides us into a church – more like a refectory lobby, where there is a priest behind a counter. Someone (a male) asks him where to find the supplies and papers for their children’s classes. I have no idea what is going on, but the priest shows us to this room and in it are not only books, and supplies, but also some children’s toys, and some very beautiful wood sculptures and carvings of mother and son. They are not Mary and Jesus, just mothers with their sons. I suggest this would make a lovely reminder for the son. Especially as he gets older and grows out of plushy toys.

Apparently it is already 6:30 pm – we are wondering if we have time to eat before going to the airport, but I think it would be cutting it too short, as we need to be at the airport at 7 and just have time to go pick up our things.


Well, that’s strange. Away from home, some last minute shopping, and be at the airport by 7 pm? Two nights in a row? There was much less of a sense of urgency in this dream – didn’t even notice the time till the end and was not disturbed at all, felt like plenty of time. I can’t think of anything significant about 7 pm, either.


Setting: Texas, shopping mall, refectory lobby, shop, airport (as destination)

People:  Mom, brother and family, priest

Prop:  baby bootie, plush bunny, toys, sculptures, mother and son figurine

Actions:  shopping, preparing to leave



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