Dream 11-24-11 Seven P.M. Part 1

Seven P.M. Part 1

dreamI am on a group vacation with my daughter Muriel and a group of young people. (I’m pretty sure I’m young, too, part of the group, not a chaperone). We’ve been there for quite awhile, and accumulated a number of things. There is a main room to our place, it’s more like an apartment, and we have rooms for sleeping – mine is apparently shared with Muriel. At one point I go into our room to change tops. I don’t even close the door, I just get out of the line of sight – no one goes into a private space without asking. Once changed I join the group again.

7pmEveryone is excited because we are returning home after our trip. Muriel takes me aside and reminds me we’re leaving and need to think about packing because we have to be ready to leave by 7 at the latest.

I am feeling stressed, because I haven’t even started to pack. I go to the room, and look through things – I know there is too much to take back. Some of the things are in Muriel’s side – she had borrowed some books of mine to bring on the trip. I remind her that she needs to bring them back, because i want to hold on to them, read them myself at some time.

I’m wondering about having time to pack when Muriel grabs me to go to the bank. We haven’t even paid for the reserved plane tickets yet – and we have to get German money to do it – apparently we are in Germany? As we stand in line at the bank I am thinking I will charge the money on my credit card and they will give me German money in return.


I’m feeling anxious again – we still have to pack, and if we have to pay for the tickets at the airport, how much longer will that take? I’m concerned whether we will make it in time.

Comments: Well, I did get a call from my daughter last night saying she’d like to come by on Saturday – and she works for a travel agency. As for the money being German, well, that’s odd, because Germany is part of the EU and using Euros, like the other countries. But it was specifically “German money” we needed for the tickets.


Setting:  vacation apartment, Germany, bank

People: Muriel

Props:  books, suitcases, money, credit card

Actions: packing, changing clothes, preparing to go home

Feelings: anxiety, stress over things to do, worry

Snippets of thought:  overburdened, need to organize (pack), worry about time and money


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