Dream 10-13-11 Taking a Ride

Taking a Ride

dreamI am a young woman, late teens, early 20’s in a big old house. Some relatives are gathering (from my Mom’s side of the family) and I’ve been told my grandmother will be arriving with other family members – a kind of family reunion. I’m not to be late. People are bustling about, getting things ready.

There are two young men there, I don’t know them, but they look like fun, much more fun than this stuffiness. I’m a bit more attracted to one of them, but it is the other one that comes forward first and introduces himself and his friend. (for the sake of coherence, I’ll call them Jake – the one I like, and John, the one that likes me) We talk awhile, and I take them into a hidden area of the house – unused, but filled with many interesting rooms. It’s dim in this area, and has a feel of abandonment, but I love it and feel very at home in it – am very familiar, too, as I come to this place often.

I don’t take them through all of it, just a few rooms. John wants to get outside and do something, go somewhere. I agree as we semi-sneak out of the house and jump on his motorcycle. We drive around with the wind in our faces, and it feels exhilarating! I point out a store (he mentioned wanting to buy something) but he drives past, telling me he has a special store.


We drive through a part of town I am unfamiliar with, and finally he turns down one narrow road and stops in front of a big archway that opens into some kind of bazaar. Though it is inside, it has a very open feel like being inside a huge tent with light filtering through the material. There are counters of merchandise everywhere, like a huge flea market, and there are activities, shows going on. The whole scene is fascinating and delightful.


John finds what he came to get, and we leave. We are running late for the family gathering. To avoid letting anyone know we left, we have to sneak back in. We have to climb over a garden wall – it’s a muted pink/peach color, about head high. We have no trouble getting back into the house.

My grandmother and others have arrived and are in a sitting room – as I enter, I get a disapproving look from someone, but it was worth it. I’m not sure what to say to my relatives, I feel awkward and don’t know how to relate to them, I’d rather be out having fun.


I almost didn’t record this dream almost let it slip away, but the one thing that captured my attention and got me back into it to write it down was the hidden rooms in the house. This is a recurring element that I’ve had in dreams before – the layout is not always the same, but the feel of it is exactly the same – it feels like my special place, full of rooms to explore and discover. It has a feel of history, and is always somewhat dim in lighting, though in some dreams it is brighter. No dust, never dust. Just rooms to explore, hidden away from everyone else. Sometimes, as in this dream, I show it to others, sometimes not.

Not sure who the two young men were or how they fit into the whole reunion thing. Actually, most of the people coming to the reunion were people who have passed away. (though not in the dream, of course).I do remember back in the day when my parents often had friends over with their families, one family had two sons, John and Hugh. I remember feeling attracted to Hugh but not to John. But Hugh was shy and John was not, so he was the one that usually talked to me. Interesting parallel, but again, not sure what it means.

The most interesting contrast I find in this dream is the whole young v/s old. A family gathering of old people, probably many complaining of their health – I remember my grandmother was often ill, had a hearing aid and conversation was difficult for her – if she turned the hearing aid up enough to hear, certain frequencies would be too high. She often seemed so alone in a crowd, so to speak. She had other health problems and would get migraines, too.

The youth part was so exhilarating and fun! It’s like two polar opposites, and I wonder if it’s a message to myself. I have certain health concerns, physical limitations – I can’t do what I could do years ago, but I do have a choice about my attitude. Will it be one of focusing on “old people” stuff, or one of finding the joy in life? Isn’t it, after all, a state of mind?

And the hidden rooms appearing in this same room – aren’t those parts of myself, perhaps talents or creative desires, that I haven’t explored yet? So much going on, so much still to explore.


Setting:  old house, outdoors, bazaar, sitting room

People:  family, 2 guys, grandmother

Props:   motorcycle,

Actions: riding motorcycle, shopping, attending reunion

Feelings: flying free, feeling young, attraction,

Snippets of thought: feeling out of place in family reunion, the wrong guy, having fun, family obligations



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