Dream 06-17-2011 Taking Pictures

Taking Pictures

dreamI have a new camera and am trying it out – taking pictures in a lot of different places. I’m riding in a car, and just stopping here and there to take a snapshot. At some point I realize that with my new camera I can take pictures of my home to put into the journal to sell the house.

I am at home, and want to get a picture from outside the house (row house, or town house, though it’s hardly in a city.) I go out and around the other units to get to the back of the property so I can see the lawns, etc – I first take some pictures from an angle, getting all the units in with mine.

At one point I realize everything is covered with snow. I’m thinking this can’t be the best for pictures to illustrate my home, but I decide I can use them anyway and then replace them once the Spring comes.

newdigitalcameraI walk around to get pictures from a different angle, more straight on. I notice there are spaces between the buildings – between each home. I had never noticed that before! Instead of having my home touching walls with the others, they are all separate buildings. I am determined to get a good picture from this angle, so people can see the truth, see that the houses are actually separate.

As I move around to find the right angle of camera and sunlight, I notice that the building looks different, too. Though I am not surprised, it has taken on a more modern look. It is almost shiny, the walls are made of some kind of dark glass – opaque and highly reflective from my current viewpoint, but I know one can see out from within.  The space between the houses has grown and there is no snow anymore, but rich rolling lawns.

Fanfare_1I search for the perfect angle to take a picture, and finally I find it, but as I put the camera up, some people step into the view, blocking the scene. I look up and realize that in the extra lawn area, there is some kind of community meeting going on – people dressed like for a fanfare – parade, in red uniforms with tassels on the shoulders. Someone is going to make a speech – it’s like a town meeting or something, the kind you see in movies of small northeastern towns.

The land is such that they are blocking my view and I feel a bit frustrated. I am wondering if I should try and wait it out or not.


Well, I did get a new camera not long ago, recently got it charged up and have taken a few pictures of the house, with plans to take more, especially from the angle described in the dream. I hope the fact that there was snow in the dream doesn’t mean I’m going to procrastinate until winter to get those pictures!

I’m not sure what to make of the separation of houses, as my home is in a row. There are 4 detached homes in a set, and four sets with spaces between them, for a total of 16 units in all. Seeing my home suddenly separated from the others was interesting as I don’t have any personal contact with my neighbors.

No idea what to make of the metamorphosis in style, though. And the “town meeting”? No associations at the moment.

In Retrospect (on October 30, 2011)

Well, the snow bit is interesting – I did get pictures taken but the sale of the house is in procrastination mode, and we’ve pretty much decided to wait til Spring to sell, which means we will be passing the winter in this house.

Another interesting bit – many of the apartments I’ve been looking at for potential purchase, especially the newer ones, are very modern, lots of glass. Similar to what I saw in metamorphous in this dream, but apartments, not homes. On a personal note, it’s not the kind of place where I want to live..Sunlight is good, but I want something warm and cozy, not modern and all glass and steel.

Setting: Outdoors,  around my home

People:  myself, generic group of people

Props:  car, camera, fanfare uniforms, snow

Actions: taking pictures, seeking camera angles,

Snippets of thought: riding in the car, feeling carefree, different viewpoints, seeking perspectives, separation, change of season


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