Dream 01-28-2011 Creativity Class

Creativity Class

dreamI am sitting around in an apartment (mine?) trying to decide whether to go to class at the University. I don’t much feel like going, am thinking maybe today I will just skip it – then as I look at my schedule, I realize that this class is one I missed last week, also – and last week, being the first week of the term, was the day to get the info on what tools and books are needed, as well as the itinerary for the class. I realize I have no idea what to study, and if I don’t go, I’ll not be able to follow the class at all, because I won’t know what to study on my own.

I wonder why I am even going to school. I’m interested in learning new things, but I’m not sure what classes I have to take, and don’t want to have to study a lot of things that I have no need of.

I decide finally to go to class and at least see what it’s about. But I‘m not really sure how to get there. I try to sort it out in my head, get a mental map of the University buildings, which one this class is in, etc – but I’m confused as to where in the building it is, exactly.

Apparently, I find it, because next thing, I am in class, listening to the Professor talk. He looks kind of like my old oncologist, Dr. C. He is talking about artistic patterns and how they can be made from any substance, then explains the formula for a particular substance we will be working with. When his talk is finished, he tells us to get creative and work on our projects.

At my work table, I notice that I have a big, wide-mouth jar full of some kind of granular, but stringy substance. It seems to be made of particles of sorts, yet some of them stick together in longish strings, others seem to pull at each other like magnets, but when you lift them out, they are malleable granular strings that you can shape any way you want. At first, it looks like they’re all black, but when I look more closely, I realize there is much color mixed in, and it depends on how you turn it or shape it to bring the color out.


I look to see what others are doing and notice they all have a flat rectangular board on which they are putting the particles and then shaping them as they wish. The particles stick to the board, but can easily be moved. I realize I don’t have a platform to work on, so I ask the Professor, and he directs me to a box at the side of the room.

artboardsI pull out some flat boards, and see some of them have interesting patterns on them – background patterns of sorts, embedded into the wood. I set aside one, then notice many different objects in the box. I realize that the particles can be applied to objects as well as a flat board. If I want, I can choose one of these objects and use the particles to texture it, give it a new kind of life.

Most of the objects are rather generic, basic forms, some looking like they may be unfinished forms of animals or dolls. I pick up a rag-doll and think that the features on it could be removed, and its base could be used to then add the particles to, create a new face, etc. I notice other things – some familiar objects, like household items. They would be interesting to decorate. I set aside the doll, thinking I might want something less recognisable to start with; something more generic, so the decoration will be what brings out the meaning to it. I grab a form and the rectangular board, and head back to the work table, excited to be working on such a creative project.


Well, I can certainly see an analogy here with the kind of artwork I do on the computer. The particles could be like pixels, and the flat rectangles much like a flat background on which to paint with the computer art programs. The 3-d objects correspond with my interest in texturing 3d forms to give them different looks, etc – and the doll is like texturing human forms in 3-d. All of this comes from my interest in computer art.

I’ve been working on my website recently – the main site, TuiT Zone. Though the work is offline, not updating the site yet, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to include on the site, and considering writing some tutorials, and revising some I’ve already done, to help people unfamiliar with the world of computer art – introduce them in a way that is easy to learn.

Looks like all of that has stimulated this dream. Plus my own desire to continue learning more, and to be more creative in general.

Setting:  University, apartment, classroom

People:  myself-younger, Professor/Dr.C, generic students

Props:  jar of stringy granular particles, work table, flat board canvases, objects in a box, doll

Snippets of thought:  back again at the University, hesitation about class, finally deciding to go, recreating a mental map, sense of familiarity, preliminary info

not quite sure of directions, OncoDoc teaching artistic patterns, a formula for creativity?


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